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Equally nimble both in air and on the ground, the hehiviho is a worthy representative of the lineage of Anurognathidae, which flourished on Earth between the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. A crepuscular and nocturnal animal, it spends the day folded motionless against the tallest tree boughs, hidden by its cryptic coloration. In the twilight, it takes flight to pursue insects much like a bat would. Its flight is not exceptionally fast but very manoeuvrable, and completely silent thanks to the wings' hairy fringes, which break the air flow. After the rain, the hehiviho often turns to the ground to capture slugs and earthworms, avoiding the largest insects that could damage its frail jaws. Even on the ground it remains highly mobile, trusting its powerful breast muscles to take flight again should any danger approach. While the hehiviho's sense of smell is rather mediocre, it has excellent hearing and eyesight, even in the thickest darkness.

(image and description courtesy of Concavenator)

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