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There are 21 “consonants” in Kendane͡ivash and 11 “vowels”; these have separately defined alphabets.

The standard Latin transcription used by the author consists of all standard Latin characters, plus the extra character and minus c, w and x.

In other words, these Latin letters are used:

a b d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v y z

The consonant alphabet is transcribed as follows:

z sh s r l h b p n m v f th t d j g q k ks
  • f is more often rendered as ph
  • k may be optionally rendered as c (such as in Valcen's name), usually when the author feels that using k would make the word look too much like someone slipped and fell into German.

The vowel alphabet is transcribed as follows:

o u a i͡u e͡i i i͡y y a͡i u͡i e
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