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A descendant of an early representative, as yet unknown to human science, of the family Pelagornithidae, a lineage of massive seabirds whose distinctive feature is a heavily serrated beak effectively armed with sharp false teeth. The ancestors of the osodijor ktevesa spurned flight to turn to a purely aquatic existence, like giant penguins or avian seals. They are now found on the rocky shores of Nekenalos' polar regions, basking on flat rocks for warmth before returning to the sea to catch fish and belemnites in their vicious beak. Oily feathers and thick fat pads protect the body interior from the harshness of the exterior. The wings, where the scale-like vestiges of ancient flight feathers can still be seen, are now not only flippers capable of surprisingly agile swimming, but also anchors that help osodijor ktevesa cling to rocks during the fiercest storms and tides with their final claw. The simple black-and-white color pattern is broken by fiery red eyes and a pale blue beak, whose vividness, entirely due to chemicals contained in their preys, help osodijor ktevesa advertise their fishing prowess to potential mates.

(image and description courtesy of Concavenator)

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