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Upsilon Andromedae is the native stellar system of the planet Nekenalos and the stars Mekiva (Titawin, or Upsilon Andromedae A) and Daskuvar (Upsilon Andromedae B). It contains one artificial planetoid by the name As̈raavahr.

The following terminology correspondences exist for the system:

Designation Human name kavkem name Orbital period (in human time)
u And A Titawin Mekiva -
u And B - Daskuvar ~18223 years
u And b Saffar Yeenajei ~4.62 days
u And c Samh Tevasur ~241 days
- Nekenalos ~917 days
~2.5 years
- As̈raavahr irregular
u And d Majriti Dasirvi ~3.5 years

The orbital periods in the system affect nyaqen time-keeping.

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