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“Not only did Ysikary and Evenatra resist that wisdom, they did so against my beseeching. They relocated a functional fragment of an entire ecosystem on the whim of misguided empathy. They denied several species their natural evolution. They went against my advice not to attempt to raise two cultures in parallel. They thought their friendship would make it work. […] Their friendship mediated for a measly, negligible decade,” Jeneth snorted. “They didn't convince their pet cultures,” he chuckled derisively. “The cultures convinced them. For all intents and purposes, they disowned their Threadwielder heritage. Evenatra ran out of Thread. Ysikary created a weapon that destroyed ver the moment it woke.” Jeneth shook his head slowly. “I've long since transitioned from pity to passive disgust.”

A Thread Between The Stars: Satellites

Nekenalos is a planet from the Upsilon Andromedae system. Its name stems from the word neken (best approximated in meaning by dinosaur) and losa (planet).

Collectively, its two sapient species are called nyaqena amongst Threadwielders. Separately, they are known as Nayabaru (a herbivorous sapient culture related to Cretaceous iguanodonts) and the kavkema (a carnivorous sapient culture related to Cretaceous Deinonychosaurs).

The book A Thread Between The Stars is exclusively set on and cosmically near Nekenalos; the only exception to that rule is the chapter Satellites, which is set on Earth.




Given Nekenalos is a scion of Earth, the climate is entirely comparable to that of Earth. A big difference is that Nekenalos has no climatically noticeable axial tilt, depriving it of seasons. Few populated areas of Nekenalos are complete strangers to snow, though - high mountains are steady recipients of snow.


kavkema predominantly live near the tree lines of mountain ridges. They're snow- and dark-adapted.

Nayabaru live in temperate areas lush with shallow vegetation, comparable to grassland, savanna and forest biomes on Earth. Owing to that they find jungle incredibly difficult to terraform, Nayabaru avoid jungle areas.

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