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Jeneth is a Threadwielder. Ve's most famous for essentially starting abiogenesis on Earth. While ve does not do anything to guide human culture, it would still not be too much of a stretch to simply liken ver to modern Gods of creation (or older Gods of creation that have fallen out of favour, but those were often more internally consistent and thus easier to delineate from his personality). If pressed, however, ve would identify with the romantic notions of Lucifer, the bringer of light.

Amongst the Threadwielders, ve's known as the Star Forge due to vis unique mastery of stars. Ve can both efficiently create stars out of the void and understands the layers and turbulence in stars well enough to be able to run a chain reaction through an entire star if it becomes necessary.

Vis name stems from the word jeneth (best approximated in meaning as sword).


Vis strange integration in human culture has left vis quite saturated with its memes, some of which ve repeats without conscious thought. Since ve has far more experience with male hosts than with female hosts, ve often defaults to male pronouns, but it would be a stretch to say ve identifies with them. As such, in writing, vis pronouns tend to be all over the place.

Ve considers it prudent of Threadwielder visitors to Earth that wish to either explore human culture (or speak to ver through a human avatar) to incarnate themselves rather than subjugate a human host. While ve would not at all violently defend humans from such a personal existential threat - vis loyalty does not reach that far - ve would count it in the visiting Threadwielder's disfavour.

Ve has a deeply patronising opinion of Nekenalos (and its patron Threadwielders, Ysikary and Evenatra), referring to either of its civilisations in derogatory ways.

“They're dinosaurs,” Jeneth commented, delighting in an accidental metaphor. “Quite literally.” It formed no objection – just an amused, orthogonal observation.

“So are the birds in your back yard.”

“Except that the birds haven't been meddled with until they achieved butchered sapience.” A Thread Between The Stars: Satellites



Book One: A Thread Between The Stars


At the time Valcen came to visit him, Jeneth was incarnated as the human James Carlin and ran a locally very successful software corporation (“meticulously integrated, with just enough fame to be free of material concerns while not mattering on a truly global scale”).

Jeneth had become aware of Valcen shortly after his arrival and tolerated his presence despite a strong prejudice against the other Threadwielder - clearly, vis curiosity trumped vis resentment. Once the two had an opportunity to discuss what Valcen had come to Earth for, the relevation that he wanted to recruit Jeneth for a quest to Nekenalos bemused ver.

Under the mistaken impression that Valcen was asking for Jeneth's help because ve was capable of star forging rather than purely out of time constraints1), ve offered vis help on the simple condition that Valcen would submit himself to vis whim for a millennium (counted in Earth years, discounting transit times) - a deal that Valcen agreed to. Ve later explained vis initial reluctance by that Earth was vis home and that ve suspected humans were very close to attaining the human concept of 'technological singularity' - and that ve had wanted to be there when they did to greet them as equals.

Ve left vis dead avatar on the beach near where vis human self had worked as that the locals might find 'some closure'.

Keep in mind that Threadwielders don't naturally value time very highly and it takes them effort to truly understand that time can be a valuable commodity.
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