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Ysikary was a Threadwielder. Despite having spent ample time on Nekenalos and being responsible for the creation of both the Nayabaru and Terenyira, she has no modern equivalent within the kavkem pantheon.

Her name is a contraction of the words ysik (hope) and kary (ally).


Ysikary's personality could best be described as having been a social sine wave; in several million year intervals, she'd go from “everyone's best friend” to a deep resentment of social interaction (usually simply resulting in stretches of deliberate solitude rather than any destructive or hateful behaviour) and back. Linked to her social behaviour was her creative behaviour, which peaked on both ends of the scale, resulting in some phenomenal collaborative as well as solo works, but in sparse intervals.

In almost all things, she was driven and enthusiastic, expressing a childish glee at even small triumphs. Her attention tended to be strongly focal - once she'd decided on a project, she would obsessively invest time, energy and Free Thread into it until its completion.


Common interpretation – insomuch as a message that young could be said to have a common interpretation, especially since some Threadwielders in the aforementioned radius had either not yet partaken in the discussion or kept their opinion to themselves – was that the weapon had deconstructed ver… fundamentally taken vis informational component apart, erasing vis identity in a way that went well beyond the destruction of a corporeal avatar. A Thread Between The Stars: Satellites

Ysikary came to inglorious fame after being destroyed by her own creation (Terenyira).

Her last recorded words were Sras̈as yuhe͡iden-akys. While not the common rendering of the phrase, it is nonetheless universally translated as I plead for permission to be.1)


Ysikary had the good fortune of finding almost all Thread manipulation easy, to the point where her interest lay mostly in the alteration of complex structures, such as the direct interference with DNA. Her obsessive approach to problems made the solutions to anything she did only a matter of time - including her decision to create a creature that would be able to pose a threat more than an inconvenience to a Threadwielder.

See A Thread Between The Stars, the Satellites chapter.
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