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kavkem mythology is fairly Threadwielder-centric. It's the result of Evenatra and Ysikary having revealed themselves both to the Nayabaru and the kavkema very early on, and tried to teach them about Threadwielders and the nature of the universe. Of course, of the two, Ysikary later withdrew, an action correlated to that the Nayabaru culture became more secular over time.

There are several regional flavours of kavkem mythology that can be distinguished from each other.

The kavkem mythological pantheon, the basic dynamics between the deities and the origin story of the world is known as the baseline faith Taaravahr.


Deity Purpose Threadwielder
Garukaron The god of time; the Ur-deity. Madjan
Maenona The goddess of the celestial objects of the night (distant stars, planets). Zalaagra
Tkanetar The god of light and fire; also the master of mammals.
Considered by many flavours of the mythology to be the creator of Terenyira and the Nayabaru.
Vasharesh1) A fallen deity / demi-god. Valcen
Tamas̈elu The goddess of qanu (life worth living), fertility and peace Evenatra

Ysikary has been entirely forgotten by the modern pantheon.

There are other, recurring demigods or minor deities in the kavkem pantheon:

Deity Domain
Manevash Language and communication
The Zyvarara: Kzyvar, Vemezyvar, Tsejazyvr, Katazyvar Destruction
Genanjuma Courage and qasai
Sanarama Antidotes
Harravados̈ Camouflage
The Theruasha: Mekitherun and Raas̈therun Hunting
Ateheril Fate, oceans and stories


Extant derivatives of Taaravahr:

(Most of these have not been given opportunity to be canonical yet. Please refer to the the individual pages for their status.)

Extinct derivatives of Taaravahr:

Recurring elements

The following mythological ideas are common amongst kavkema:

Only since The Sky's Umbilical Cord
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