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Tamas̈elu (derived from tama ('resilient', 'endurant') and s̈elu ('breath')) is a god in the kavkem pantheon of Taaravahr. She is the mythological character that corresponds to the Threadwielder Evenatra. This page details Tamas̈elu from a mythological perspective only, except where it makes sense to explicitly contrast her mythological depiction with her true nature.


In the pure Taaravahr faith, Tamas̈elu is universally considered to be the goddess of life worth living (qanu), and a friend and protector of the kavkema.

<fc #ff0000>WARNING</fc>: The following material has not yet had a chance to become canonical.

She might have other traits depending on other flavours (such as a command of water where this does not fall to Maenona), and the degree to which She is a friend of the kavkema varies between the flavours (from “it's a coincidence that She's on our side” all the way over to “this is Her metaphysical purpose”).

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