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Evenatra is a Threadwielder. She is known as Tamas̈elu within the kavkem pantheon, where she fills the niche of the goddess of qanu (life worth living). She can be considered responsible for the creation of the kavkema.

During most of the events described in A Thread Between The Stars, she is effectively without Thread, a matter that has alienated her from most of the Threadwielder community - especially Jeneth, who openly attributes the situation to reck- or carelessness on her part.

Her name is a stark portmanteau of the words evenar (grace) and venat (sky).


“With no sarcasm intended, I do assume you're meticulously informed, but humour me. What do you think happened here? Between Ysikary and Evenatra – and, I suppose, my humble self?”

“Ideological disagreements. Specifically, with your non-interventionist policy around the end of the Cretaceous; with your anti-bioengineering opinions; and ultimately with each other.” A Thread Between The Stars: Satellites

Ysikary and Evenatra together decided to rescue a significant chunk of Earth's biosphere over to Upsilon Andromedae, despite Jeneth's concerns about the project.

Tragically, in her efforts to protect the kavkema from the Nayabaru and from Terenyira, Evenatra has likely made their situation worse - increasing Nayabaru desire to capture kavkema as to gain intelligence as to be able to deal with her, as well as increasing the punishment kavkema receive from the dominant culture for their support of her.1) Conversely, it's only her stubborn protection of the kavkema that endangers her. If she simply left the planet, she would have little to fear.


“I think we shouldn't go into this without vis advice. Vis exposure hasn't purely been Threadless, ve's had some years with Thread to deal with the weapon. If we make the same mistakes…” […] “If we don't guard ourselves against past mistakes, we may not be as lucky as ve's been. I'm sure neither of us want to get first-hand enlightenment as to what happened to Ysikary.” A Thread Between The Stars: Satellites

See A Thread Between The Stars, the Satellites chapter.
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