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<fc #ff0000>WARNING</fc>: The following material has not yet had a chance to become canonical.

Tkanetar (derived from tkanala ('hell') and netaros ('to architect')) is a god in the kavkem pantheon of Taaravahr. He is the mythological character that corresponds to the Threadwielder Jeneth. This page details Tkanetar from a mythological perspective only, except where it makes sense to explicitly contrast his mythological depiction with his true nature.

Tkanetar is a hotly debated deity in just about any kavkem religion. While his influence and power is considered fairly settled science (light, fire, electricity and all creatures counted to the realm of mammals), his role in the mythological backstory varies, as does his opinion on the kavkema, and whether or not he is responsible for the kiikama (either in part or as a whole) or the Nayabaru.

There are no (extant) religions that would consider him a friend of the kavkema, though. At best he’s considered a neutral party. At worst he’s a force actively trying to cause misery and pain to the kavkema.

The general trend of negativity stems, of course, from his depiction as the indisputable villain of the Taaravahr origin story. How literal his depiction in that story is to be considered, however, varies between the flavours.


Daskuvar is often considered to be a bound Tkanetar. In consequence, many kavkema assume that Tkanetar can only appear if Daskuvar is not visible in the sky, which in the Upsilon Andromedae system true about half the year (and during occultations, though those are rare, albeit extremely mythologically significant).

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