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WARNING: The following material has not yet had a chance to become canonical.

The Zyvarara (roughly 'four stars', from zyvar (star) and arar (four)) are demigod allies of Tkanetar in kavkem mythology, in stories ascribed to Taaravahr (although not always told, and thus unknown in some regions - most notably in Tabraan and Sefusa). Unlike most other metaphysical characters or species, the Zyvarara have never been to Nekenalos, although they are considered to be on their way there.

They currently appear as the brightest stars in the sky:

  • Kazyvar (from kazyee (fire) and zyvar)
  • Vemezyvar (from evem (light) and zyvar)
  • Tsejazyvar (from tseja (explosion) and zyvar)
  • Katazyvar (from katale (ash) and zyvar)

They are assumed to have an appearance much like fiery burrowing animals, each about twice as large as the average Nayabaru house. Of course, as no one could have spoken to them before, they are not ascribed stable personalities, though story-tellers may embellish the story with their own imagination of the precise manner of these 'generals'.

Their story is apocalyptic in nature - it is assumed that if they were to reach Nekenalos (and it is considered inevitable that they will), they will burrow through the planet's crust, threading celestial cords through the planet in the process and handing the ends of these cords to Tkanetar. What precisely the god of light will do with these puppet strings differs depending on whim of the story-tellers, but is most frequently either the halting of the planet's spin to burn one side in perpetual sunlight (and presumably flip it after a few million years so it's evenly flambeéd), or a crushing of the planet between the strands, breaking it apart into free-floating pieces.

Note that some mythologies completely reject this prophecy (although this generally does not stop the story from being told if it is known, by merit of being a story that forms a part of kavkem culture). Adherents of Asara are those most vehement in the claim that it can be seen at most as a metaphor, given they have their own, entirely incompatible views of inevitable apocalypse.

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