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<fc #ff0000>WARNING</fc>: The following material has not yet had a chance to become canonical.

Garukaron is a god in the kavkem pantheon of Taaravahr. He is the mythological character that corresponds to the Threadwielder Madjan. This page details Garukaron from a mythological perspective only, except where it makes sense to explicitly contrast his mythological depiction with his true nature.

'Garukaron' is a pure Kendane͡ivash name that means “the flow of time”, derived from the words garu (flow) and karon (time).


Simultaneously the most and least important deity of the pantheon, Garukaron is considered the indifferent creator of the entire universe and the (perceived metaphysical) logic that drives it. It is said that from a deep understanding of Garukaron flows an ability to predict the future both near and far. Some ryrhakenema claim to have come to understand a fragment of Garukaron, and advise others not to look further, as within Him lies, above all, the cold truth of a universe wherein the suffering of the kavkema simply manifests as physical processes with no more moral weight than any others.

Since He is presumed not to care about Nekenalos any more than any nameless planet amongst the stars, He does not appear in mythological backstory at any point but right at the start, and is presumed out of all communicative range. One might assume one could talk to Him, but even kavkema who think so are aware that the chance is slim He will listen.

In some derived flavours, Garukaron is the universe itself, sometimes rendered as a sleeping god, sometimes merely as an unfathomable metaphysical force or structure.

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