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WARNING: This faith has not yet had a chance to become canonical.

Viyakaana, best translated as The Inversion, even though it would more literally translate as “the evil with a pleasant personality” (from viya (kind, nice) and kaana (malicious, evil)), is an extinct kavkem mythology that used to be scattered across Asheenagiji, dominant only in small, isolated clusters.


Adherents of Viyakaana believed that the pantheon's personalities were ill-attributed or superficial. They reasoned that if Tamas̈elu were truly their saviour (or even just their friend), following her would not systematically make their situation worse, as it constantly seemed to be. Observing what was actually happening, they considered that the outward personality of the gods was perhaps simply not to be trusted.

While this was always a fringe belief, it nonetheless came in several denominations. The dominant one simply attributed the falseness to Tamas̈elu alone; others went further and reconsidered the purpose of the other deities.


Formally, the belief still occasionally crops up in individual disillusioned kavkema, but in current kavkem populations, there are no memetic strains of it that are infectuous, largely because the kavkema have embraced other worldviews which inoculate them against this religion. Leksharia in particular can be credited to having a far more narratively pleasing solution to the powerlessness of the benevolent deities, and the extinction of Viyakaana can be traced back primarily to the rise of Leksharia's popularity.

Additionally, a lot of the kavkema following this belief ultimately signed themselves over to the Nayabaru willingly. Naturally, that did not go well for them.

Metaphysical entities

Viyakaana simply had the standard Taaravahr pantheon and did not generally try to innovate on the baseline faith.

Rituals and spirituality

None of note.

Competing faiths

Viyakaana was always a fringe belief, meaning there was practically no place where it was ever truly dominant. It shared territorial overlap with the following faiths:

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