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The Nayabaru call the largest continent on Nekenalos Asheenagiji. The name is a contraction of the words ashee (pleasant) and nagiji (place). The kavkema have always considered the name to be distinctly sarcastic, even though it's the continent where they have the greatest presence at the beginning of A Thread Between The Stars (to the point where Valcen cites it as the only place where they have a realistic chance at survival).

The centre of Asheenagiji has suffered a few climatic changes and during the time of the series houses the deserts Sinukaaj and Silukaaj (derived from the sarcastic phrases sinun ekwaaj ('what water') and silur ekwaaj ('where water')). Beyond this unfortunate affliction, it still has quite enough Nayabaru settlements for the mountains between the desert stretches to be obvious Nayabaru territory, although it might nonetheless be described as 'sparse' by those used to the coastal population densities.

Notable cities:

The deserts have been cited by Valcen as a good place for Evenatra to hide in dire times, given that the Nayabaru have no presence there - neither to personally live there, nor to hunt kavkema.1)

Valcen was also convinced that Asheenagiji was the only continent the kavkema could possibly still be fighting for, that the other continents were lost causes from their perspective.2) It's true that Asheenagiji's sheer size has left the kavkema with more places to hide than the other continents, and Shy͡ilun is focussed primarily on Asheenagiji's coastal areas, although their subjugation has only completed in a sense meaningful to the kavkema themselves on Sefusa.

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See A Thread Between The Stars, the Satellites chapter.
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